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Life With Henry & Evie Says Pulse Safe Start Is The Best Kids Scooter

Santa Fe Spring, CA– Life With Henry & Evie, a popular lifestyle blog about motherhood, travel and everything in between, reviewed the Pulse Safe Start Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles electric scooter. Chanel, the mom blogger, tried out the new electric scooter on her four year old son, and said it was fun, safe, and unlike other scooters.

In regards to safety, the review stated the following:

“Unlike most scooters, The Pulse Safe Start has 3 wheels to aid in balance and support. The wheels are so smooth and he mastered turning and zipping around corners in no time. The scooter maintains a safe speed of 1.75 mph so parents can feel comfortable knowing their child isn’t on their way to becoming a speed demon.”

Chanel had nothing but positive words to say in regards to travel, and usage, as heard here:

“It’s super lightweight and easy to move and store. We load it up in our van all the time and let Henry ride around on our neighborhood basketball court so that he is away from cars and I don’t have a heart attack.

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